Anchoring at Island White

Some of our members shared their concerns about the anchorage at Island White. While navigation charts show the anchorage at Island White as an approved anchorage, the City’s policy has been to only allow anchorage during Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Anchoring other nights during the week are not currently allowed…

At the 08 February 2018 Marine Advisory Commission Meeting, BOA expressed their opinion that the current policy for vessels anchoring overnight at the approved Island White anchorage (Friday Saturday and Sunday nights only) is unfair to boaters, and the previously discussed policy of anchoring any night, up to a maximum of 3 nights, should be implemented. The current regulations do not support the weekend only stay policy and, if necessary, new City regulations should be sought to implement our recommendation.


An epic rebuild at Alamitos Bay Marina

Our marina has recently been featured in “Marina World”. For all of us who have been a part of this marina over the years, this rebuild has been a real journey. At times we didn’t think it would happen, and at others we didn’t think it would end. We are proud of what has been achieved over the years and are happy to call this marina our home. This article is very interesting and tells the story of what we’ve slowly seen develop over the last years. Click on the link to check out this fantastic article by Robert Wilkes:  Alamitos Bay Rebuild – Marina World