Guardrails at Docks 20 – 24

Some of our members in docks 20 – 24 have asked us what is happening with the guardrails along the seawall. As you might have noticed, the guardrails have been replaced with new code compliant ones throughout basin 3 with the exception of the last few gangways from dock 20 all the way to the boatyard.

The existing rails have been capped with plywood, as well as the old ramp locations, and the plywood is looking like it has seen better days. While we all know this is a temporary measure, it’s starting to look a little more permanent than we were hoping for. We reached out to Elvira Hallinan, Manager at the Marine Bureau, and she was kind enough to let us know the status of these rails.

We anticipate that the vendor, CraneVeyor will be on site to start replacing the rail in 2 weeks and it should take approximately 10 working days to complete. They will start at Dock 20 and move towards Dock 24.  Why so long?  Because Basin 3 required grout/seawall work that has to be timed with the tides. We made the decision to delay installing the new rail until after the seawall work is completed in order to protect it from potential damage during the course of completing the work. – Elvira Hallinan.

You might see some fencing going up in the coming weeks, to cordon off the area while work is being done. They will give us pretty much the same access we have, but we might have some limited access while the work is being performed. CraneVeyor will try to make this as painless as possible, but as with all improvement work, there might be a little dust and inconvenience. We’re looking forward to the new railings and saying good bye to that unsightly plywood once and for all!

Eduardo A. Limon – PR Director LBMBOA

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