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Time for Boat Owners Association Membership Renewal

The Long Beach Marina Boat Owners Association (LBMBOA or BOA) is a volunteer organization that represents the interests of Long Beach Marina slip holders. BOA is in constant close contact with the Marine Bureau, the Marina Maintenance Department, our City Council Representatives, the City Auditor’s office, the Port of Long Beach, the Marine Patrol, and the City of Long Beach Marine Advisory Commission.

As part of our close partnership with the Long Beach Marine Bureau, we helped get your input into the latest revision of the Marina Rules and Regulations. We will continue our relationship with the Bureau to keep subscribers of our mailing list informed. BOA also assisted the Marine Bureau in getting the approval of the Coastal Commission for the Alamitos Bay Marina Rebuild and has pressed the City Council to complete the rebuild on schedule.

This is the time of year when BOA will be sending out membership renewal notices to current members and membership invitations to the slip holders in the Shoreline, Rainbow Harbor, Alamitos Bay marinas, and the dry storage lots. By joining LBMBOA and making an annual contribution you are helping the organization accomplish its mission. You can also renew, or initiate, your membership on the BOA website by clicking Here. And you don't have to be a member to subscribe on our website to receive notices and updates about the Long Beach marinas, simply join our email alerts by clicking Here .

BOA has a number of open Board positions in the areas of Membership Director, Security Director, Public Relations Director, and Marine Advisory Commission and City Council monitors. Positions are also available for writers who would like to contribute to the online journal, Gangway Gazette. For additional information please contact BOA President, Dr. Tom Mayes at tom.mayes@lbmboa.org


The mission of the Long Beach Marinas Boat Owners Association is to proactively address and pursue the common interests, issues and concerns of all boat owners in the Long Beach Marinas


We are the Long Beach Marinas Boat Owners Association: a non-profit volunteer group that advocates on behalf of boaters with the Marine Bureau, Marine Patrol, Lifeguards, marina maintenance, the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor and local, state and federal agencies.

Known as BOA, the group has been working for Long Beach boaters for almost 50 years. The activities of the group are directed by a 12-member board of directors that meets monthly. One of our  board members monitors the city's Marine Advisory Commission, (A citizen commission which has the duties and responsibilities to consult with and advise the City Council and City staff on matters formulating City policies regarding marinas, beaches, waterways and near shore areas)

We also monitor the Marine Advisory Commission subcommittees (Facilities, Operations, Finance and Rules and Regulations) and the Long Beach City Council's Second and Third District monthly community meetings to stay abreast of any matters that might affect boaters' interests.

Some of the programs we are currently working on are:

-Marina maintenance. Two of our board members meet each month with the Marine Bureau manager and the marina maintenance managers to address boaters' concerns and complaints, creating action items and following through on corrections.

-ABM rebuild. Our board is working closely with the marina manager to make sure that the boaters' voice is being heard and heeded in the rebuild planning.
-Security and live-aboard conditions. Another of our board member works the Marina Watch program with the cooperation of the marina management and the Long Beach Police Department through the Marine Patrol. He also works in bringing together the liveaboard community to identify problems in the marinas.

-The Speaker Series. We sponsor open forums in which we address important marina issues head on by inviting key speakers to talk to boaters and answer their questions.

-The Gangway Gazette.Our formerly quarterly newsletter, which brought you the latest developments around the marina, has joined the e-revolution and gone electronic in 2010. You can now read it here on line in its new format of continuous news and articles and links to keep you better informed of life around our marinas

-Panthers at Sea. Each spring BOA helps sponsor of a very successful outreach program to introduce local high schools kids (some who have never experienced the ocean) to sailing and boating in general. 

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