Welcome to BOA!

Attention All Boaters:

Join BOA’s “Poked the Bear” Parking Lot Task Force:

BOA and MAC have successfully held of
the pay-for-parking plan suggested by the City… FOR NOW!

HOWEVER, there are parking issues we all have and there is significant planned development of our area. BOA will lead a task force to figure out solutions that are equitable for all. We need your input.

We want representatives with boats in all ABM, Shoreline and Rainbow Harbor basins. There will NOT be representatives from marina management or the city. We have no authority to implement plans. Our goal is to identify issues, review the Local Coastal Plan , the CA Coastal Commission, legal positions and to create recommendations to protect our parking lots.

If you are interested in joining this task force or submitting ideas:
leave a comment on LBMBOA.ORG or send an email to: [email protected].

The BOA Q1 Newsletter is out!

You can download it in PDF form HERE.